Welcome to Crystal Gifts by Balmoral Crystal. On this page we will give you a brief insight to how the crystals are made.


Each piece of crystal is handcrafted, and every crystal is hand polished so it reaches you in perfect condition.

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At the start of production as you can see the raw glass is put into a furnace to heat it to the required temperature, so it becomes soft and pliable to work with.


Once hot enough it is then placed into a mould, pressed and cut off, it is then placed in another oven, so the crystals can cool down slowly so to avoid cracking.

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After the crystals have cooled down, they have to be polished as the natural crystal is very dull, and the crystals are all polished by hand using traditional methods that have not changed in centuries.

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Each facet has to be hand polished and is done at a wheel by skilled craftsmen.

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It is a very intricate process and can only be done by hand by skilled craftsmen.


Each piece of crystal is then checked by hand to make sure that there are no floors in them, then they can go to the finishing rooms.


This is where the crystals are put together to form the items that you see on the web site. This is done by very skilled people who have had many years experience.

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When the process is complete, each crystal is packed into foam packed boxes, so it can arrive at its destination in perfect condition.

Now you can appreciate when we say all our pieces are handcrafted, they really are.